Two trends in the development of the Scottish breed.

Development of the Scottish breed in our country is fast enough and cats breed Scottish Fold ( Scottish Fold) gained popularity breeders and love of the public . The problem with their breeding , is that you must knit Scottish Fold only pryamouhy cats. Mating with Scottish Scottish lead to the appearance of such serious defects offspring skeleton ( spliced ​​vertebrae spinal defects , clutches , etc.). That is why for mating Cat with hanging ears ( dominant gene Fd) picked up the cat with straight ears ( recessive gene fd) of different breeds – the British , Persians, Exotics , and ” Straight ” – the descendants of Scottish pryamouhie . For a long time during the selection process can not be controlled.
As a result, a considerable number of animals , so called . ” Straights “, unfortunately , quite different types:
• From matings with the British rock – Straight ” British-style ” – quite heavy , squat , round-headed , short thick tail – almost compliant to the BCS
• From Breeding Persians \ Exotics – Straight ” zaekzochennogo type” – too pronounced stop, sometimes tapered nose
• From matings with the British average type and other straights – Straight ” any type ” – stretched , round head is not enough , long tail , feet tall , deep-set eyes .
Thus British Shorthair breed dignity – it disadvantages Scottish fold . As a result of such matings (Scottish + British , Scottish + Persian + Exotic Scottish ) deteriorated type and British and Scottish . Cats began to appear ” intermediate type ” – not the average type with slightly elevated British ears, not the old-type Persians, not the Scottish long legs . Deteriorated British breed type and in general, and Scottish Fold .
Thus, modern European Straight breed combines features British , Persians and Scottish , which led to a blurring of the lines between these species and the loss of Scottish Fold breed type .
Recently gaining momentum popularity Scottish American type . And it is not surprising ; charming expressive muzzle with wide open and trusting glazishchami same wa ) is tame, sociable , unpretentious with a stable psyche and compares favorably to the European type ( which are on the breedings with the British and the Persians ) , which entailed , nervousness and uncommunicativeness , lovely plush wool, but the short and massive body problem tails drooping nose leather , and most importantly it is at best a single fold of the ear , which is rectified with hormonal surges . In 1976 the American breeding prohibited knit Persians, Exotics and British permitted only matings Akshay and straights ( pryamouhih descendants) . But it is the American Shorthair koshkastala boon for the Scots, it gave it a wonderful expression muzzles and gave a rich range of colors, including bi-color . Alas, Europe could not find a partner for the Scots , and that is why European Scottish inferior to their American counterparts .
Nevertheless, a more experienced breeders in Europe started picking up in pairs for Scottish increasingly growing popularity of American Shorthair , which leads to the approximation to the standard American-style Scottish shorthair cats :
- More stretched in the housing ;
- With a long and narrow tail ;
- Less massive and jowly ;
- With a thin and soft ear cartilage ;
- 4m round circles (head with ears , eyes and nose area / podusniki ) , with an open view , innocent baby face ;
- Flexible with healthy bone.
Not all breeders are selected as partners Scots CABG because :
- Elementary ignorance ;
- Just going with the flow ( full straights and CABG still need to search );
- The big difference in price between the CABG and straights .

Repeatedly got up the problem of ” straights “, ie the descendants of matings pryamouhih Scottish fold cats and other breeds. The theory that the Straights – “carriers” of the gene of lop-eared , does not hold water . Gene foldovosti Fd – dominant and “carry” it is impossible to recessive . Perhaps hanging ears Folds – bigennogo result of inheritance or gene complex , linked (?) Allele Fd / fd. Then possible that the descendant of Scottish fold with straight ears inherit some mechanisms by which the ears of their descendants Fd « fit ” better. While this theory has received no explanation – no genetic or practical . Therefore, in the ears fold fold ( deep or less double or single) does not depend on pryamouhy partner Scottish fold : be it Straight or CABG .


Riddles American Scottish fold


Scottish Fold breeders and cat lovers conquered the whole world. These cute and charming establishment or anyone can not remain indifferent. During the years of its existence, and it is already more than 30 years, the breed has passed “through the thorns to the stars.” She “opened” and “closed”, and forbade her again permitted. Scottish Fold European breeders brought many surprises and disappointments. Only the Americans managed to pick up the “keys” to the mysteries Fold cats.

The first ten years of working with Fold in the U.S. – it is trial and error . One of the first American breeders consultants Scottish fold was Dr.Rosemond Peltz, who built their programs on the principle: ” Hurry slowly ! Be extremely careful in those crosses to avoid manifestations in the offspring of undesirable characteristics .” And it was she who first developed a breeding program using extended outbreeding to increase the gene pool . As a result, disappeared skeletal disorders, began to disappear shortened tails , animals were returned to health. As the ” improvers ” Scottish fold used mainly American Shorthair .

On the European continent folds back already “Americanized” in February 1973. Fold Europeans engaged for over 40 years, almost as much time devoted to the breed and American breeders. Why do Europeans still failed to get livestock folds that could compete with American breeding animals? After all circuits are known, pick up manufacturers and go for the laurels of success! But it turned out that is not so simple as it seems. Continue reading

Head, ears and tail Scottish fold.

In this article it was impossible to stay on all features of breed Scottish Fold and evaluation in general, but we have chosen the most important aspects – the head, ears and tail . Especially considering that they cause endless disputes breeders .
Because, among straights , Foldy Allowed matings with American Shorthair , the standard does not fold so strict and not prescribed in detail how the standards of other , more “clean” and established breeds. Certainly the drafters of the standard thought over this question , given the specificity of the breed and crossbreeding . For example, not too big requirements for the type of coat and color . Also , in the description of the head indicated that ” the profile line may vary ” , but it certainly requires a straight , wide and short nose . The transition area from the forehead to the nose should be as smooth dents or grooves without a deep stop, ie without such a sharp boundary , as the Persians . Yet this transition should be noticeable , and this helps quite a high and prominent forehead Scottish . The main requirement for a head line of roundness and ears which are to be folded and pressed so as to emphasize this roundness.  Continue reading