nursery shotladsky shorthair and semi-longhair cats, Mariupol

If you have a cat, do not you go back to the house and home. (Pam Brown)

Welcome to cattery FORLOOKING, registered at the “Grand Feliz Bast” Mariupol system WCF (Registration WCF – UA-GFB/P-03301011).

Our cattery breeding work on breeding wonderful and unique in its kind breed Scottish Shorthair cats. These cats are so popular and loved all over the world for its graceful, kind, cheerful and easygoing disposition, coupled with a surprised, slightly touching “doll-faced”. That visual harmony in all shape and forms a whole unique image of Scots.

In order to improve breed quality , beauty and health , as close as possible to the standard “American” type of Scottish Fold and Scottish straight , which is the standard of Scots , in the nursery will be conducted breeding program for cast- blood of the American short-haired breed . Our manufacturer descendant of the best representatives of the American Kennel CABG Stedam s, Jewelkatz, Yankee Star.
Breeding animals in the kennel have a continuous chain prepotent ancestors, rich genetic set that can improve the quality of heredity offspring phenotype and diversify our kittens ( monochrome , tortoiseshell , risunchatye , silver color ).

Kittens from cattery FORLOOKING bring joy and warmth to your home and in your heart.