Two trends in the development of the Scottish breed.

Development of the Scottish breed in our country is fast enough and cats breed Scottish Fold ( Scottish Fold) gained popularity breeders and love of the public . The problem with their breeding , is that you must knit Scottish Fold only pryamouhy cats. Mating with Scottish Scottish lead to the appearance of such serious defects offspring skeleton ( spliced ​​vertebrae spinal defects , clutches , etc.). That is why for mating Cat with hanging ears ( dominant gene Fd) picked up the cat with straight ears ( recessive gene fd) of different breeds – the British , Persians, Exotics , and ” Straight ” – the descendants of Scottish pryamouhie . For a long time during the selection process can not be controlled.
As a result, a considerable number of animals , so called . ” Straights “, unfortunately , quite different types:
• From matings with the British rock – Straight ” British-style ” – quite heavy , squat , round-headed , short thick tail – almost compliant to the BCS
• From Breeding Persians \ Exotics – Straight ” zaekzochennogo type” – too pronounced stop, sometimes tapered nose
• From matings with the British average type and other straights – Straight ” any type ” – stretched , round head is not enough , long tail , feet tall , deep-set eyes .
Thus British Shorthair breed dignity – it disadvantages Scottish fold . As a result of such matings (Scottish + British , Scottish + Persian + Exotic Scottish ) deteriorated type and British and Scottish . Cats began to appear ” intermediate type ” – not the average type with slightly elevated British ears, not the old-type Persians, not the Scottish long legs . Deteriorated British breed type and in general, and Scottish Fold .
Thus, modern European Straight breed combines features British , Persians and Scottish , which led to a blurring of the lines between these species and the loss of Scottish Fold breed type .
Recently gaining momentum popularity Scottish American type . And it is not surprising ; charming expressive muzzle with wide open and trusting glazishchami same wa ) is tame, sociable , unpretentious with a stable psyche and compares favorably to the European type ( which are on the breedings with the British and the Persians ) , which entailed , nervousness and uncommunicativeness , lovely plush wool, but the short and massive body problem tails drooping nose leather , and most importantly it is at best a single fold of the ear , which is rectified with hormonal surges . In 1976 the American breeding prohibited knit Persians, Exotics and British permitted only matings Akshay and straights ( pryamouhih descendants) . But it is the American Shorthair koshkastala boon for the Scots, it gave it a wonderful expression muzzles and gave a rich range of colors, including bi-color . Alas, Europe could not find a partner for the Scots , and that is why European Scottish inferior to their American counterparts .
Nevertheless, a more experienced breeders in Europe started picking up in pairs for Scottish increasingly growing popularity of American Shorthair , which leads to the approximation to the standard American-style Scottish shorthair cats :
- More stretched in the housing ;
- With a long and narrow tail ;
- Less massive and jowly ;
- With a thin and soft ear cartilage ;
- 4m round circles (head with ears , eyes and nose area / podusniki ) , with an open view , innocent baby face ;
- Flexible with healthy bone.
Not all breeders are selected as partners Scots CABG because :
- Elementary ignorance ;
- Just going with the flow ( full straights and CABG still need to search );
- The big difference in price between the CABG and straights .

Repeatedly got up the problem of ” straights “, ie the descendants of matings pryamouhih Scottish fold cats and other breeds. The theory that the Straights – “carriers” of the gene of lop-eared , does not hold water . Gene foldovosti Fd – dominant and “carry” it is impossible to recessive . Perhaps hanging ears Folds – bigennogo result of inheritance or gene complex , linked (?) Allele Fd / fd. Then possible that the descendant of Scottish fold with straight ears inherit some mechanisms by which the ears of their descendants Fd « fit ” better. While this theory has received no explanation – no genetic or practical . Therefore, in the ears fold fold ( deep or less double or single) does not depend on pryamouhy partner Scottish fold : be it Straight or CABG .


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