Head, ears and tail Scottish fold.

In this article it was impossible to stay on all features of breed Scottish Fold and evaluation in general, but we have chosen the most important aspects – the head, ears and tail . Especially considering that they cause endless disputes breeders .
Because, among straights , Foldy Allowed matings with American Shorthair , the standard does not fold so strict and not prescribed in detail how the standards of other , more “clean” and established breeds. Certainly the drafters of the standard thought over this question , given the specificity of the breed and crossbreeding . For example, not too big requirements for the type of coat and color . Also , in the description of the head indicated that ” the profile line may vary ” , but it certainly requires a straight , wide and short nose . The transition area from the forehead to the nose should be as smooth dents or grooves without a deep stop, ie without such a sharp boundary , as the Persians . Yet this transition should be noticeable , and this helps quite a high and prominent forehead Scottish . The main requirement for a head line of roundness and ears which are to be folded and pressed so as to emphasize this roundness. 
Eyes and muzzle give the impression that is the whole of Scottish circles. Scottish portrait can be drawn with a compass . If you look in the face exactly , the center of the head is short and wide nose, above – eye – circles , among them a wide enough distance , there is still one eye , nose and below the well-defined whisker pads , too round shape. Emphasize the roundness of all this small ( less is better) , densely pressed ears with rounded end that should not stand out from the general roundness. Between the ears should be large enough distance , too evenly rounded . Therefore , evaluating and selecting animal producers , especially should pay attention to this detail – the roundness of all the lines of the head. The head should be large enough relative to the housing . That visual harmony in all shape and forms a whole unique way Scottish . Scottish Fold ears are more or less pressed , with double or single fold , but the main condition – they must not violate the impression rounded head.
Alas, not always inherit the good ears kittens parents. But the probability of getting the right ears of the good more than the bad . Although there are many examples where manufacturers with bad ears surrounding kids born with great folds and great fit. Breed is full of surprises , and only breeder with great experience and intuition can make the right breeding program.
The tail should be long and tapered (uniformly convergent ) . Short, thick tails are undesirable.

It is no secret that all of the rocks encountered such a defect as hall tail. Noticed that he inherited (and cats and dogs ) , so this should definitely identify animal – this defect is much more serious than just a ” tight ” tail (of course, with no signs of seam vertebrae and complete immobility ) . Most often, creases or bends ( may be called differently ) occur at the tip of the tail , usually the last two vertebrae. They are both in the form of circular cones, and in the form of sharp protruding between the vertebrae. There are numerous animals and hall. All kinds of wrinkles are equally harmful for any species ( except OES ) , and animals with them should be excluded from breeding.

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