Riddles American Scottish fold


Scottish Fold breeders and cat lovers conquered the whole world. These cute and charming establishment or anyone can not remain indifferent. During the years of its existence, and it is already more than 30 years, the breed has passed “through the thorns to the stars.” She “opened” and “closed”, and forbade her again permitted. Scottish Fold European breeders brought many surprises and disappointments. Only the Americans managed to pick up the “keys” to the mysteries Fold cats.

The first ten years of working with Fold in the U.S. – it is trial and error . One of the first American breeders consultants Scottish fold was Dr.Rosemond Peltz, who built their programs on the principle: ” Hurry slowly ! Be extremely careful in those crosses to avoid manifestations in the offspring of undesirable characteristics .” And it was she who first developed a breeding program using extended outbreeding to increase the gene pool . As a result, disappeared skeletal disorders, began to disappear shortened tails , animals were returned to health. As the ” improvers ” Scottish fold used mainly American Shorthair .

On the European continent folds back already “Americanized” in February 1973. Fold Europeans engaged for over 40 years, almost as much time devoted to the breed and American breeders. Why do Europeans still failed to get livestock folds that could compete with American breeding animals? After all circuits are known, pick up manufacturers and go for the laurels of success! But it turned out that is not so simple as it seems.

First European breeders Fold cats had very limited breeding material. And just as Americans decided to increase the number. In their breeding programs they included British Shorthair cats, good representation of the breed in Europe were numerous, as well as exotic and Persians, thereby creating different lines.

Europeans gave Fold cats with lovely plush coat , strong bones and massive body that comes very close to their phenotypically British. And the eyes were not enough big and round , flat foreheads and ears were usually single pleated and loose to the head. To adjust the eyes and forehead started picking up in the British whose immediate ancestors were Persians and Exotics . But these programs are only partially corrected the situation, as descendants had a big and round eyes, but compact body and shorter tail , prone to complete loss of mobility. When manufacturers use different breeding lines based with crossing Persians and exotics often observed malocclusion and skull deformation . Evropetsy , as well as Americans , excluded from their programs Persians and Exotics , leaving only the British and the descendants pryamouhih Folds – Scottish straights .

To increase livestock Scottish fold in the United States was given six years. In January 1976, in order to stabilize the type of rock in the CFA prohibited any outcross except British Shorthair and American Shorthair cats. It was American Shorthair breeders helped U.S. get a unique look Scottish fold , as close to their standard. Thanks to them , “American” Scottish are rounded head , strong bones , diverse range of colors and excellent health .
The only thing that American breeders are always taken into account in the use of American Shorthair in copulation with a fold is a valid standard green eyes and supplied specific eye ” upper eyelid has almond-shaped , bottom – rounded , the outer edge of the eye to just elevated to the temples .” Therefore, from a variety of American Shorthair cats partners to fold chosen representatives of the breed , c most round eyes . American breeders a clear idea of ​​the type to which they aspired . In Europe, there was no breed that could replace American Shorthair in breeding programs – folds . But the main thing that distinguishes and differentiates American pedigree breeding visloushek still – it’s a tough selection and breeding moderate inbreeding .

American breeder usually has its own house with separate rooms for the nursery , so it can afford to keep this breed different manufacturers . In the future , using compensating crossing, breeders U.S. wants them to type in the correct nursery bringing it to an extreme , and then fix achieved by moderate inbreeding.
Scottish fold ears by far one of the most difficult and secured breed traits , but not a small role in the appearance of the rocks have eyes , and the “sweet ” expression of a muzzle . Americans never lose sight of this , so “American” Scottish have open expression , sometimes even frightened surprise. Same touching muzzles and pryamouhih descendants ” American ” folds . Among scottish straights exhibited in the American system in the class “home” a lot of finalists and regional winners . Judges are not indifferent to the sweet and charming plush creatures with good-natured and sweet temper .
Our breeders at the moment have enough breeding stock to get the finest of the breed Scottish Fold . Over the past five years, range of colors includes folds almost all possible colors. Replenished and the gene pool due to new producers imported from the U.S.. Among which there are animals that are in the immediate ancestors of American Shorthair cats . More rigorous refereeing facilitates the identification of folds as close as possible to the standard. Animals which preferred to gradually disappear from the ears of exhibitions , as they will not get the titles (in fact very few people want to throw money down the drain ) . Proper breeding and strict refereeing help European breeders closer to unlocking the ” secrets ” Fold cats .

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